viernes, noviembre 09, 2012

Kitchen of Banana Yoshimoto

Roberto wanted to buy some Mexican history books and to satisfy his curiosity about others books, so i went to the Fondo de Cultura library with him and his sister Gabriela. Several weeks ago i was hearing at the radio the narrative of Banana Yoshimoto book. The name's book was Kitchen. it made me curious hear about the live in a kitchen and the reflections, that the author had in a place like the kitchen. So, when i was in the book store, i sought the book and i find it, but i didn´t have enought money, and Gabriela wanted to go to an other library, so i accompanied her, meanwhile Robert stayed in the book store reading other books. When we returned to pick Roberto, which was my surprise: Roberto bought Kitchen and gave it to me as a present.

Kitchen was the book that i read when i went to Calgary downtown in the metro, also i read a lot of pages when i was in Calgary university at the library, it is curious that the book was my companion at kilometers from home.

Today i finished the lecture of Kitchen, it was really weird, becouse the characters; but a curious history of love and personal reflections of Mikage Sakurai, arguably the principal character, Eriko, some transgender mother, and Yuichi, the son of Eriko.
I have recorded in my mind the words: We think that we have several ways in our lives, the ilusion of to have, but the fact is that we are marked in some particular way. Perhaps it is true, i don´t know. Perhaps like Sakurai i have to jump to the roof looking for Yuichi. Nevermind, the place that i finished the book was in the second alley of Castorena. Castorena is the principal street, where the trafic and the noise are terrible, but in that alley suddenly a Tudor house style emerges, the green trees sprout and the calm take place. When my father comes to my work and he is angry and couses a mess. I pretend to get out of my work, drive my car to the alley and park it in the alley. I lean and enjoy the shine and the shadows that trees produce, calm comes and sometimes i read.


This was my first post in English, like Mikage, i want other roads in my life, so one of the first things is to improve my English abilities. One way, like that happened to me when i was hearing at the radio, is read some quotes in English and Spanish. A link to some interesant analisys in English, click here.

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