jueves, octubre 11, 2012

Third day in Calgary

I know that my mother language is spanish, but i want to improve my english writing. The morning was cold, i didn't notice, becouse i sleep in a confortable apartment with heating. I realized when i looked through the living room's window. It was the first time in my life that i saw in my life the white carpet over the trees and the fields. It was really amazing and, like a child, i got out, suddenly i felt knives over my skin, what a silly, i came from a warmer country so it's common to dress only undershirt and a short, immediatly i went inside, i wore a jacket and i got out anew. I wanted to go to the yard and made angels patterns over the snow, but the cold convinced me otherwise. I didn't shower. I quickly ate some pumpernikel bread with greek yogurt, something that i haven't got in Mexico, and a milk glass and went outside with Roberto to the Calgary University, walking of course. Something that got my attention was the bluejays, i got a wonderfull photo of them. Roberto has a lovely neighbor, Leslie loves the squirrels so she put some nuts on a dish in the backside of the apartment, but not only the squirrels love the nuts also the bluejays and some crows with black and white plumage.

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